Liv-Art Designs
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Bio: This business is based on the drawings created by me over 45 years ago. Most of the designs originate from the time when I was in high school. The water color renderings have been actually created in a small cramped room in Greece while I waited to immigrate to Canada. Once in Canada I've attended Ontario Collage of Arts in Toronto for two years to improve my style and technique. After many years in the desire to improve on the life of others the I went back to my designs and realized the art I've created has a real meaning, so the “Self Esteem” idea came about and “Be-Yourself” movement was born. The decision was taken to apply the designs on something that everyone can related to, a wearable t-shirt, the message of being free to be yourself would be easily shared with everybody. By wearing these t-shirts a person can not only express his or hers personality but also contribute to the promotion of "Self Esteem". For every item sold I will donate a portion of the proceeds to a charity that deals with self-esteem or mental issues for children, teens, or adults.

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