By Zip Industries

The HydroTap from Zip Industries is one of the most advanced drinking water appliances in the world featuring patented PowerPulse boiling, Direct DryChilling and ColdCore carbonation with MicroPurity filtration technologies to bring you the delicious taste of purity.

Tastier, Healthier: MicroPurity Filtration System

Zip MicroPurity filtration produces crystal clear, pure tasting water, free from odour and contamination. So that your water is healthier and better tasting, the filtration technology expertly removes sediment, volatile organic compounds such as lead, and parasites such as cryptosporidium and giardia greater than 0.2 microns.

Perfect Boiling Water: PowerPulse Innovation

The patented Zip PowerPulse technology efficiently heats water and maintains the set boiling water temperature by delivering a precise amount of energy to the heating element. Combined with bespoke water circulation technology, it ensures the temperature is precisely maintained. By delivering instantaneous small energy bursts efficiently, PowerPulse also saves energy.

Deliciously Chilled Water: Direct DryChilling System

Zip’s compact and high performance closed refrigeration system is the inspiration for the new Direct DryChilling innovation. A lightweight aluminum MicroChannel condenser delivers advanced heat transfer capabilities, enabling the system’s overall cooling efficiencies. Rapid chilling is achieved within the solid aluminum block and stainless steel coils of the evaporator system, ensuring perfectly chilled water.

Irresistible Sparkling Water: ColdCore Compression Technology

Quality sparkling water can only be achieved at lower temperatures. Chilled water is jetted into the centre of the solid aluminum block to produce irregular atomized particles, enabling better carbonation under pressure in the cold, turbulent environment. Zip’s bespoke ColdCore Compression technology ensures greater volumes of irresistible light sparkling water.

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