Simple yet functional. Great looking for a DIY. The only mistake from my point of view is the high neck faucet, it covers the window view and interferes with the window cranking mechanism.

to follow freedom


So here it is….

after 17 months of do it yourself kitchen renovations, we have put this thing to rest.  It is finally over, and I am told, it is a minimalist’s dream.  My intent was to have a serene space, and I think that it is that.  My next intention is to have a renter that doesn’t just tear it apart.  It is stressful to put so much work into something just to rent it out, BUT, my main objective is to remove myself from the life I have been living and do something drastically different.  So that is what I am aiming to do, above all else.  I have to let the rest go, or I could drive myself crazy with the what ifs.

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