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Making My Bitchin' Kitchen

We all have them. Dreams. Some are pure fantasies and some are dreams that actually can come true. One of mine is creating my dream kitchen. My project has just begun and I will be documenting the process here. I welcome you to join me as I share the ups, downs, befores and afters.

The idea first came to me back in January of 2014. I had gone through some health issues (fine now) that had me recovering on my sofa for several weeks. I stumbled on the HGTV channel and quickly found a show called Property Brothers.

Two things resulted from watching the show – I developed a crush on the handsome twins and realized I needed “open concept” in my home. On the show Drew, the realtor, convinces home buyers they need to buy a fixer upper to afford their dream home and Jonathan, the contractor, makes it…

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